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Limouisne fleet Atlanta, Georgia

North Point  provides exceptional fleet of chauffeured transportation services.



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At North Point Limousine services, serving Atlanta Georgia you can always be 100% assured that the best in class fleet of vehicles are available for any occasion.

For years the Lincoln Town Car has set the standard for luxury automobiles and the limousine industry. Style, class, and comfort are three prominent words that come to mind when one of our Town Cars is mentioned. Our dedication to quality is matched only by our commitment to customer service, making for the ultimate Atlanta Limousine experience.

Whether you need an airport limousine or simply want to ride around Atlanta in style, we can accommodate you. The Town Car Limousine offers excellent trunk space so that you and your family can fit your luggage, while riding comfortably to Hartstfield  or any other destination with our car service. We want you to enjoy your experience with us as much as possible, which is why our limos are held to the highest standard.

The success and popularity of the Lincoln Town Car has been sustained for various reasons. First and foremost, the Town Car, like our other limos, affords you the opportunity to ride both comfortably and safely with our car service. It’s Five-Star safety rating allows one to simply sit back and relax without any cause for concern. Furthermore, our professional chauffeurs will bring you to your destination in excellent time and in great hands, which is why we are the best Atlanta car service.

Our mini coaches fit between 24 and 34 people and are great for any occasion. The spacious interior of the mini coach is complemented by the luxurious furnishings that are designed for your comfort. Sit back with your friends or colleagues and enjoy the ride as our professional drivers take you to your final destination. Our bus service provides you with the comfort and care you desire.

In recent years the SUV has made its way into the limousine transportation industry; Many travelers may initially look for a town car or a limo, yet the SUV offers many positive assets that are difficult to find in other cars, and is apt for travel  depending on your location. The sport utility vehicle offers the carrying space that is seen in a minivan to go with the towing capacity of a motor vehicle. Three rows of seats with additional cargo room are provided for a roomy and spacious travel.


North Point Transportation Group, GAPSC #500914 | 2638 Woodwin Rd. Atlanta, GA 30360,
Phone: 678-935-5000
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